Capsule Monsters

The “Capsule Monsters” pitch as revealed by NHK (a Japanese tv show) in December 2018.

The early Pokémon pitch was first drafted and presented to Nintendo with the name Capsule Monstersalong with an illustrated booklet by the same name consisting of roughly a hundred pages – yet to be revealed in its entirety – detailing the early plans and art for the first Pokémon games. Dated 1990 (both on the cover and on the Kanto layout map) and illustrated by Ken Sugimori, this document is, however, most likely a collection of concepts that Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori had been developing for quite some time, as some inconsistencies in the contents might prove (namely plans and designs coexisting at visibly different degrees of development). You can also read this informative dossier with translations by GlitterBerri and our comment. This is a collection of the pages that have been already revealed, and they have been re-scanned and enhanced from the sources available. Check out our Lost Pokémon dossier for more info about the proto-Pokémon.