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Generation I

How the Capumon Stole Christmas

Against all odds, it’s the second page of the original Capumon sprites! We saw the first page in the biographical manga for Satoshi Tajiri, ranging from Rhydon to Nidoqueen. This page continues directly after that in the index list, starting with Cubone, and follows it exactly as it is in the final game. Graphically, however, there’s a lot to take in here…. We’ll break it down, one Capumon at a time.

A Closer Look at the Satoshi Tajiri Biographical Manga

Despite claims from the developers that most of the documentation about the first two Pokémon games either never existed or was lost to time, one of the panels in this manga contains a look at an internal poll during development. The Helix Chamber team was able to unearth quite a lot of information.

Lines, Tigers, Slots Bare, Oh My!

4  blurry MissingNo. sprites have been hiding in the 2004 Game Center CX interview with Satoshi Tajiri!  They’re MNo. 134, 135, 159 and 160, and two of them might even be Kotora and Raitora from the Gold Demo, originally planned as Kantonian Pokémon. Check out the full dossier, there’s also a video version.

An Index List Hiding In Plain Sight

Have you ever wondered what Gyaasu’s cry would have sounded like, or those of the early Clefairy and Ivysaur? Thanks to a document hidden in the GameInformer interview video, they have finally found their original cries again! Come listen to them and discover the mysteries of the “Cry List order”, a possible early Pokédex-like indexing! 

A History of Pokémon through the Internal List

The Generation 1 Pokémon Internal ID list might look random, but it can be broken down into 5 different “Periods” that we are now going to analyze in order to produce a guide to uncover the identity of the 40 MissingNo. while reconstructing the history of the development of the Pokémon games! 


Period 1 (1989-1991)

Period 2 (1992-1993)

Period 3 (1993-1994)

Period 4 (1994-1995)

Period 5 (1994-1995)

MissingNo. Speculative reconstructions

One of the most speculative and experimental parts of researching Generation I. In this article we will summarize the MissingNo. patterns and also list a bunch of hypotheses for each, from most to least plausible. Join us in the reconstruction of the speculative identities of the infamous MissingNo. !

Lost Pokémon dossier

We are listing here the Pokémon that we can’t confidently put in the MissingNo. list, but that might belong in the additional circa 110 scrapped designs that have been referenced several times by the creators. We will be positively surprised if some of them made it to the 190 semi-finals! Who are you rooting for?

Generation II

Walking That Fine Line Between Gen I and II

Where does Generation I end and Generation II begin?
This seems like a simple question. Most (if not all) Pokémon fans run on the logical assumption that the second “generation” of Pokémon started with Gold and Silver, but the actual answer to the question is much more convoluted – the two generations seem to be significantly intertwined.