Capsule Monsters – Battle screens

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For more comments and translations, check out Glitterberri’s dossier here and here. Check out our Lost Pokémon dossier for more info about the proto-Pokémon.

In this early battle storyboard, we can see a “Beast Tamer” (けものつかい, comparable to Generation 1’s もうじゅうつかい “Wild Animal Tamer”)  with “6 capsules” sending out “No. 23 Godzillante”. These first 3 pictures were enhanced from a photo of the “Game On 2.0” exhibition poster about Capumon.

Godzillante is seen breathing fire (ひをふいた), which inflicts “300 damage” to its opponent, Gorillaimo.

The pitch also includes a prototypical stats menu for a placeholder Capumon named “Dragon4”. This mockup shows a very different HP/PP system in comparison to the final game.

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