A Closer Look at the Satoshi Tajiri Biographical Manga

On May 17th, 2018, Game Freak designer James Turner (the creator of Pokémon like Vanillite, Golurk, and Poipole) tweeted pictures of a few excerpts from the then-recently published manga about Satoshi Tajiri’s life and the creation of Game Freak. Interestingly enough, despite claims from the developers that most of the documentation about the first two Pokémon games either never existed or was lost to time, one of the panels in this manga contains a look at an internal poll during development.
Our curiosity piqued, the Helix Chamber team – made up of translators, coders, people who know random trivia about the franchise, nerds, magnification wizards, you name it – gathered together, obtained a copy of the manga, scanned everything, and were able to unearth quite a lot of information. Continue reading →

Lines, Tigers, Slots Bare, Oh My!

In 2004, Game Center CX interviewed Pokémon creator Satoshi Tajiri for one of their episodes. While discussing Pokémon development, Tajiri hands Arino a mysterious booklet titled “PM (Pocket Monsters) Kaiju Zukan” (怪獣図鑑, Kaiju Illustrated Catalogue), which looks like an official index of Pocket Monsters. (図鑑 zukan is, in fact, the same word used for the Pokédex). By analyzing the footage of this interview, we were able to determine that at least four individual scrapped Pokémon (now the infamous MissingNo.) have been hiding within this footage, right in plain sight, for 14 years! 

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